Von Scarberry

Technology, Director


10 years experience with ERP integrations for sports, education, retail, health care, and corporate industries. Comprehensive experience designing technical solutions and building collaborative engineering teams harvesting winning interactive products.


Integration Development

Unmatched ability to ascertain multiple ERP systems integration touch points.

Business Comprehension

Seasoned business to technological liaison capable of developing scalable solutions.

Project Direction

Proven ability to lead and manage a wide variety of design and development projects in team and independent situations.


  • MS-SQL/Informix/Oracle
  • Stored Procedures
  • Triggers
  • Views/Table
  • XML Parsing
  • Functions
  • Administration
  • Optimizations
  • SQL Reporting Services
  • .Net(ASP/VB/C#)
  • Object Orientated
  • AJAX / Telerik Controls
  • Abstract Libraries
  • Interfaces
  • Web Services
  • Office Integration
  • Silver Light
  • Web/Windows Development
  • Data Layers/ADO
  • GP Dexterity
  • Triggers
  • Pass through SQL
  • Report Functions
  • Dictionary Updates
  • Cross Dictionary
  • Integrated Lookups
  • API Integration
  • .Net Integration
  • Custom Reports


Virtual Sails


May 2006-Present

Primary technical client liaison. Ascertains project requirements. Lead Accounting Integration Specialist. VB/C#.NET integration architect. EDI integration specialist. T-SQL/PL-SQL optimization guru. Creates application driving Reporting Services reports. Microsoft MCP professional. Dynamics GP developer/technical advisor. iPhone SDK development. Implements and upgraded Dynamics GP. Share Point developer.



Nov 2007-Dec 2008

Lead Software developer/architect. Implemented state driven poster concepts. Developed thread driven processes. Build Dynamic Web services. Generic XML schema validations. Integrated third party SOA web services. Created SSIS data packages. Polished/Created 100 plus SRS Portal reports. Optimized Database performance. Installed/Developed web services. Gathered Business requirements. Implemented Agile Software development. Net IBM Informix integrations. Scored Microsoft 92% maintainable code.

Thibault Associates

Senior Developer

Dec 2002-May 2006

Senior project designer. Developed Accounting integrations. Determined project scope/requirements. Trained Junior programming staff. Determines project design. Crystal reporting achieved 200 plus reports. Developed cost estimates. API file lock integration. Database driven Intranet. eCommerce site. Service activity update. Developed Dynamic GP accounting applications. Diagram projects through Visio tools. Supports client IT concerns directly. Generate scalable .net programs. Creates business/financial reports. Maintains client relationship. Rebate Capture application. eCommerce accounting import. Online Purchasing system.

United States Air Force (USAF)

Project Manager and Inspector

Nov 1993-Dec 2002

Estimated building materials. Provided training to unskilled labor. Enforced building codes for projects. Developed databases to track inventory. Creates estimate spreadsheets. Appraised / supervised subordinates. Supervised store inventories. Hazardous site manager. Conducted Unit Self-Assessment. Initiated work center network accounts.


Rebate EDI ERP Integration

Custom Dynamic GP windows, tables and reports to capture rebates that current ERP system did not provide. This project included Customer contract identification, item rebate file imports, and rebate record managements. The second half submits EDI charge backs to Vendors. It generates, encrypts, and uploads the file directly to vendor. The first release took 300 hours to develop and was built in such a way to reuse EDI base pieces; so additional Vendor EDI integrations take less time. This project has reduced the rebate claim time by three fold and eliminates data entry requirements. This project was built for a Medical Services Provider that services California’s bay area.

Merchant Store Integration

This integration transfers sales from a Yahoo merchant account to Dynamics GP. Currently the project has processed over 200k sales. System was built to ensure outside security was maintained. It used staging tables to ensure that no orders are missed. This project reduces data entry errors and increase the time to customer by four fold. This project was built for an NFL football team.

Lead Routing and Verification service

I was hired to rebuild this project. The existing system was unreliable and was designed poorly from the database up. I stepped in and architected a newer system. Reducing the overall support and increasing the reliability. I achieved this through state tables. Using state tables insured that the product would deliver the leads every time and allowed reporting on historical not transactional tables. This ensured that the business users did not interrupt the transactions in process. This project was built for a four universities.

Auto Invoice and Billing Distribution System

This custom ERP billing distribution application built for a domain reseller. It needed to process 250k lines of billing details into an ERP system monthly. The project also included individual customer invoice formats which is auto emailed during the end of the cycle. The integration also updated customer and contact information to the ERP system. This project reduced over 200 man hours monthly.

Time Billing Accounting Integration

I developed this custom application to handle time entries for Virtual Sails employees. It extends rates to service types by employee. It includes administration features that enable database and account distribution setups. The system uses SRS to project/review billing before posting them to the Accounting system. This system saves us 30 hours monthly. We also sell the product.


Park University - Parkville, Missouri

Major, Computer Science— 3.79 GPA

Von Scarberry — vscarberry@virtualsails.net — (412) - 212-8588